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About the app

A multi tool application that can help blind or visually impaired people in their everyday life.

easy setup

Download the app on any iPhone and Android phones from your app store.

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Use the app on-the-go for daily usage.

Language Packs

The app comes in multiple languages.

Dedicated support

Novartis is dedicated towards improving and updating the app to add value in the daily life of patients.


Details of the app

The Face Recognition App, Hello is a great example how we can use our knowledge and partner with tech companies to help visually impaired & blind people in their daily life :

  • Uses Cognitive services and Microsoft latest image analysis technology to identify people, items and scene.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services work across devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • The mobile app uses the Smartphones camera to take pictures of objects or people and then uses the back-end cognitive services to provide a description. The desktop app can provide a description of the content of pictures from any available document library, and if the picture contains a known contact, the app will identify them by name.
  • ViaOpta Hello is available in twelve languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and Hungarian.


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viaopta Hello

An everyday app for the visually impaired

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ViaOpta apps have won prestigious awards for the ways they are helping the visually impaired lead more independent lives. Awards include:

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